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AWEMA A.G. of Replica Balenciaga Bags Replica Celine Handbags Switzerland can provide Replica Bottega Veneta Bags a wide range of equipment for the confectionery industry. They manufacture an excellent line of one-shot depositors. Depending on the center, up to 80% filling can be achieved. They can also provide complete molding lines for one-shot Replica Burberry Handbags products, hollow, or solid chocolates with outputs of up to 1,100 kg. per hour. Also included in their equipment program are Chloe Replica Handbags spinners to produce hollow chocolate novelties, the Artist 24 decorator robot, cooling YSL Replica Handbags tunnels, and more.

Awema Eco-Line

Emkay Confectionery Machinery
3313 Mill Grove Terrace, Dacula, GA 30019
Phone (770) 614-1302        Fax (770) 614-0515
Email us at

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